Complete Guide for a Successful Webcast

There has been a lot of scrambling to adapt to changes in work environments and business communication. People have been forced to do a massive crash course in video capture platforms like Zoom and Webex.

From this, the need for a new skill has developed: getting your business leaders in front of hundreds or thousands of employees.

Webcasts and virtual town halls are the best way to do that.

It’s okay if you’ve never webcast an event before. Lime Crane understands streaming video. We have the skill set and the technology in place to help you get your message out.


We’ve put together a complimentary guide to explain the process, suggest best practices, and help you stay in touch with your people with a successful webcast.

cover image for Lime Crane white paper on webcasting


Are you planning on having a big, end-of-year meeting for employees or stakeholders? Or a 2020 recap to share goals met and visions for the new year? Now is the time to start planning your event. Schedule a discovery call today, and get the process started.