If you want to create a unique corporate video that stands out from the rest, we have two words for you: drone photography. There are a number of reasons you’ll want to consider adding drone photography to your corporate video marketing strategy, but here are just a few:

  • Drones help to tell your company’s story in a way that handheld devices cannot. The footage captivates the audience by offering them a fresh perspective.
  • Drones produce high quality video, giving your corporate video a cinematic feel for a fraction of what it would have cost only a few years ago.
  • Images captured by drones can also be repurposed for future projects such as social media posts, marketing materials, the company website, training videos, and more.

We should know, the corporate video professionals at Lime Crane have been wowing our clients with exceptional drone video footage for years!  Our FAA-licensed drone pilot, Shane Higgins, has an eye for unique drone shots. Just take a look at some of the dramatic, sweeping footage our team has captured!

If you’re searching for inspiration, here are some shots you might consider featuring in your next company video.

“Panoramic Shots”

This style of video photography takes landscape and cityscape shots to the next level. Just a few years ago, pan shots were only available to companies with a budget large enough to rent a helicopter and licensed pilot. Fortunately, drones have made this style of footage more accessible to organizations of all sizes. Take a look at these panoramic shots our drones have captured.

“Neighborhood View”

For obvious reasons, these shots are frequently used by realtors as a way to give potential buyers a sense of place. This style is also the perfect way for commercial real estate and government agencies to offer a unique view of a specific geographical location.

“Crowd Fly-Overs”

Doesn’t it seem like all group shots look the same? Drones are very useful for capturing the perfect group shot that will stand out among the rest. It’s also a very practical way to fit a large crowd into a photo- perfect for company outings, meetings, etc.

“The Fly Over”

The flyover shot offers a sweeping yet seamless overhead view of a specific location. These are among the most commonly used drone shots because they are a practical way to give the viewer a true sense of the environment and usually result in breathtaking footage. Flyover shots are most commonly captured outdoors, but they are an excellent way to show a large interior location like a warehouse or manufacturing facility.

“The Reveal”

The reveal is one of the more popular shots in drone photography, people never seem to get tired of it. The idea of the reveal is beginning with a tight shot of the subject, then zoom out to reveal the big picture. The reveal works in reverse, too! You can begin with a wide shot then zero in on your subject. These style of shots are a dynamic method of telling the bigger story using only imagery.

“Tracking Shot”

Tracking shots allow the viewer to follow a moving object from a distance. This style of footage usually requires the drone to move with the subject. Tracking shots are often seen in car commercials but can also be used for sporting events.

Nothing compares to the footage that is captured from a drone.

From still images to videos, you can elevate your corporate video in ways you probably would not have imagined. If your company is ready to invest in a professional corporate video, be sure to ask about incorporating drone footage to give it a professional edge. 

If you have questions or would like to know more about our drone capabilities, click Learn More to contact a member of our team.