Corporate Legacy Documentary

A family owned business has a distinct personality, its very own vibe. An enduring family business is based on strong values, leadership and work ethic. The most important thing you can do is capture that story with a corporate legacy documentary. Passing down that entrepreneurial spirit to future generations, employees, and the community-at-large will honor your legacy forever.

Preservation is the key to keeping history alive. Capturing the legacy of a family business will articulate to the next generation who they are and where they came from.

Here at Lime Crane we are storytellers. Our experienced corporate legacy documentary team has the ability to capture and preserve the family history, culture and multi-generational commitment through the founders’ own voices.

This is not a typical corporate history video. We create a cinematic experience that gets to the heart of what makes your business special. It is genuine. It is emotional. It is inspiring.

We are masters at on-location, real-story interviewing. Our process is designed to capture authentic stories that are visceral and honest, and we are skilled at making anyone that sits in front of our lens feel at ease and comfortable, so they can tell their story.

The Lime Crane Corporate Legacy Documentary Process

Script Writing

We will guide you through the entire process. From idea generation and research, to planning, character development and the actual writing, we will help you develop your story.


Our Creative Director takes charge of the artistic and dramatic aspects of the project while working closely with the technical crew to visualize the screenplay/script.


We coordinate and manage every aspect of your project. From budgeting to the creative direction and logistics, we communicate with your team every step of the way.


During this phase, the producer and editor craft the story. They start by organizing the video footage onto a timeline, making the colors crisp and vibrant, balance the audio and add music and graphics.


We scout locations, set up the sound and lighting equipment and capture the interviews and footage for your video. This is where the story comes to life.


Your corporate legacy documentary has been perfected and is now ready for you to share with your audience.

If you would like to learn more about a corporate legacy documentary and how we can help preserve your company’s history, please contact our team of experts. We offer a rare mix of high-level expertise in video production that you will not find anywhere else.