Puppy Dogs are the absolute cutest, but have you ever wondered why the pictures are often blurry and disappointing?

Our own Dr. Claudia went out this week with her brand new 3 month old plott hound, Aurora (named for Sleeping Beauty – she loves naps as much as her owner does!).

You know he’s adorable. Your little guy  jumps and plays and you just want to share that with everyone! Why is it so hard to get a good picture of your pooch? Here are several tips from the pros to get you the ultimate dog pictures:

Go out in the Sunshine (or set your shutter to FAST) – The biggest challenge with puppies is that they have all that energy. What it means for you is that your pictures will come out blurry unless they are holding still. If you are indoors, your camera takes pictures with a slow shutter, meaning it takes the picture not-as-instantly. This causes motion blur. 

The secret? Take them outside! When your smartphone is in extremely bright sunlight, it automatically adjusts the shutter to be really fast. That means when you hit the capture button, it grabs the picture right away. On a bigger camera, this is called a shutter from about 1/250 to 1/2000 for you photographers. Your picture will be nice and sharp, and catch that puppy in the cutest poses. Use burst mode to take 5 pictures per second, to increase the chances of getting that awwwww. moment.


Tire them out – To get great indoor pictures, our secret is to simply wear them out! A tired puppy is a puppy that will sit still. After playing with them outside, let them come in and crash. There is nothing cuter than a sleeping puppy, and your pictures will be just as sharp with a slow indoor shutter if the little one is lying very still. Put their favorite toys around her and post away!

Get on their level! Change up those boring angles – We are always looking down at our furry friends. Our favorite part about taking them to visit new places is that we see things through their eyes. Getting a new perspective can be fascinating. These pictures below are from Aurora’s first trip to the Stone Mountain Park Carillon – A favorite of Lime Crane’s and a gift to the city from our friends at Coca-Cola. It was a cloudy day as well, which always makes for a really nice and even photo.

When you get nice and low, your puppy will look large and majestic. Another photography secret is that pictures taken two or three feet below head-height look more striking. Let your camera see from the angle your puppy sees. Everything will look grand and beautiful, just like your dog sees you every single day.