Lime Crane’s unique webcasting solution enables clients to stream live town halls and panel discussions with every employee in their entire organization – even while all speakers, staff, and production crews are working remotely.

We integrate our webcasting technology with the client’s existing video conference systems to overcome the limited capacities of Skype, Zoom, Webex and others. This “Virtual Town Hall” can accommodate an unlimited number of online viewers located anywhere in the world. 

Virtual Town Hall Features

  • Speakers broadcast from their homes
  • Connect using existing conference technology
  • Multiple Presenters
  • Share PowerPoint slides and videos
  • Videoconference is captured and streamed to unlimited audience size
  • Lime Crane can provide Video Conference if needed
  • Live questions submitted online or via text message
  • Q&A Moderator Support
  • Lime Crane will host a private microsite for your event with your company branding and colors, or will assist in integrating the webcast into an existing company portal.
  • Post-event viewing statistics and Q&A report
  • On-demand MP4 provided. Hosting available

Sample Virtual Town Hall Timetable

Lime Crane prides itself on being able to deliver a reliable, high-quality service quickly. Our system allows for events to be scheduled, tested and conducted in as little as 72 hours in advance. Our production team will consult with you and guide you through the steps necessary for a successful video webcast. Partnering with Lime Crane means everything is custom tailored to your needs.  An example timetable for the webcast process follows.

Day 1 – Information Gathering and Scope for Your First Event

  1. We discuss your presentation, the speakers, and your online audience size.
  2. We send our “best webcam video practices” guide to all on-camera presenters.
  3. Send Lime Crane your logos, branding, and style guide for microsite design.
  4. The webcast URL and password for your event will be generated for distribution.

Day 2 – Network Test and Video Chat Dry-run

  1. Testing is the most important part of our process. Leading up to the event we ask that your event producer, a network team member, and presenters are available.
  2. Any videos to be inserted are uploaded to the Lime Crane cloud drive. 
  3. Final slide deck is sent to
  4. An email address is selected for the Q&A moderator to screen questions.
  5. All presenters should schedule 30 minutes to join the video chat dry-run call.
  6. Lime Crane stays in direct contact with the event producer for any questions or changes.

Day 3 – Virtual Town Hall Live Webcast

Pre Show:

  1. Lime Crane works with each remote presenter or admin pre-event to set up their shot for optimal video, lighting and sound. 
  2. 15 minutes before: viewers may sign in and view the stream (hold music & intro slide).


  1. Lime Crane directs the live webcast, combining videoconference with slides and any pre-recorded videos.
  2. Online audience can view the webcast on computers and mobile devices.
  3. Questions and comments are submitted by viewers using the video player or by text message.

Post Show:

  1. Lime Crane provides post-event reports, including data captured at sign-in and all questions and comments submitted during the webcast.
  2. If requested, Lime Crane will host videos for on-demand viewing and archiving, or assist with integrating on a company portal.