Hybrid Events

Live Events. Keynote Addresses. Shareholder Meetings. Corporate Announcements.

When merely virtual attendance doesn’t quite cut it, and you plan to host a live event with both online and in-person attendance, let Lime Crane show you what more we can do. We’re not just webcasting gurus. We’re directors, cinematographers, and sound engineers capable of capturing your live event at the highest quality, so you can engage and inspire your audience like never before.

Whether you’re making a press release or broadcasting your annual vision-casting for the world to see, Lime Crane makes hybrid events polished, seamless, and rewatchable.

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Polished Multi-Camera Production

No more single-shot, security camera-looking footage giving a birds-eye view. Our events are broadcast quality.

Flexible For Every Platform

Seamless Experience In-Person or Virtual

Create a unified event experience inclusive of both in-person and remote attendees, and in-person audiences hardly know we’re there.

Make Your Hybrid Events Rewatchable

Make the kinds of event videos you’ll be proud to revisit later, whether you host them on your server or ours.

The Lime Crane Hybrid Event Process


We get to know each other. Tell us about your audience, your event location, and what kind of impact you’re looking to have with your event.

Custom Video Player Construction

Event platforms like WebX and Microsoft Teams are severely limited in their options and customization, and most of them won’t stream video at anything better than standard definition. We build you a custom high-definition microsite for your video player that is tailored to your specific audience and needs.

Multi-Camera Production

On the day of your event, our director, camera operators, and sound engineers show up with all the necessary audio-visual equipment to record your event at broadcast quality. Are you piping some presenters in remotely as well? No problem. Our director and operators integrate remote and on-site video, even on the fly, so the audience experience remains seamless no matter the source, and you pull off the best live event you’ve ever had.

Network Testing

In the days or weeks preceding the event, we gauge your network load capability and perform several live stream tests to make sure your network can handle the virtual side of your hybrid event. We work closely with your technology team to guarantee success on event day.

On-Demand Video Hosting

Right after your event, we create a video for on-demand viewing and host the video on your site or ours, allowing anyone that missed the event to catch up on their own time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the major difference between a Hybrid Event and a Virtual Town Hall, and how do I know which one is best for my needs?

A hybrid event generally involves a live presentation before both an in-person and virtual audience. With a virtual town hall, all speakers and presenters and audience members connect virtually, but with a hybrid event, speakers and presenters usually share a stage and a (sometimes small) in-person audience. The value of having a hybrid event is that a company like Lime Crane can document your event with higher quality video and sound equipment, providing online viewers (both present and future) a more polished and memorable experience.

You can always set up a free consultation with Lime Crane to better determine your needs, but, as a rule of thumb, you should ask yourself two questions to determine, generally, whether a Hybrid Event makes more sense than a Virtual Town Hall:

1. Are there any audience members in the room?

2. Are any of your presenters on-site?

If the answer to both of those questions is “Yes,” then a Hybrid Event is probably for you. But again, if you’re not sure, it costs you nothing to call us and find out.

Of the services you provide for a hybrid event, what services are exclusive to the webcast and what services can you do for the live event itself?
Lime Crane is fully capable of running sound and video for the event itself, so you can skip hiring any additional audio-visual vendor for on-site sound and video if you prefer. But we’re also perfectly content to integrate with your favorite (or location-specific) AV vendor as well. We will establish your needs during our discovery process to make sure no part of your event gets left unaccounted for.
What happens if an expected on-site speaker is not able to make it to the Hybrid Event?
It’s not a problem for Lime Crane! We’re always ready in any event because we’ve seen over and over again that things don’t always go according to plan. Once, we did a Hybrid Event where the main presenter (the CEO) had a family emergency and had to fly home after the first day of a four-day conference. We had filmed him on-site for that first day, and we Zoomed him in from his home for the next three days, and the conference still succeeded without a hitch.