We have shot on a hundred different cameras from cheap to expensive to OMG expensive. Everyone has a phone all the time, so being able to grab a clip and use that video is a great addition to your arsenal. Here are a couple of tips to make your videos rock!

For video: The biggest thing is to have lots of light. More light helps your camera  work better. Find the brightest light in the room – if there’s a window, it is ALWAYS the brightest – and stand facing it so the light is hitting your face. Film with your phone in between you and the light so you get the most light on your face.

If you only have lamps at night, you can take off a lampshade. If the light is right, your camera will do everything else. Just make sure it’s not too far away, and you know, fix your hair.

For Audio: Sound is actually what makes or breaks a phone video. Bad video still can work, but bad audio makes it impossible to watch. The best thing we can recommend is doing your video someplace quiet. We have recorded inside a closet, a car, or a bedroom even. Carpet is your friend. Any room with tile or metal will echo like crazy.

Secondly, turn off any fans, radios, AC units, or anything in the room that makes a hum. It might not sound loud to you, but it will make your sound so much better. Speak slowly and clearly. Do it a few times. It will sound great.

Our best advice is, don’t do it alone. You focus on what you say, and have a friend hold the phone to keep an eye on how it looks. Teamwork is the critical lynchpin of video production.