This photography post is brought to you by fall sports. Football and baseball games are prime opportunities for entertaining out of town guests and clients alike. Grab this opportunity to post a selfie with your client having a great time at the game.

To snap a good pic, keep in mind that the ball field is extremely bright from either the sun or stadium lights. Either your camera will see the field clearly and you as a black shadowy blob, or you will look great and field is a giant white “hotspot.”

Look for the Sun – When all you have is your iPhone to capture the massive spectacle, we have a couple of tips to make the most of it. Our number 1 most important tip for a great stadium selfie is to look for the sun. If the sun is out, you want it shining on your face as well as the field. Turn into the sun to get the same light on your face as the light on the field.

Same with the stadium lights. Usually this means turning to the side a bit so you look at the field longways, getting both the crowd and the field in your shot, while your face is hit by the sun. This might mean a walk to the opposite side of the stadium for that great shot.


If you look up and the sun is behind a cloud or overcast, you are in luck! That means almost every angle will look good. Take all the pictures of yourself with any background. Clouds are your friend here.

Bring a Portable Charger – Your phone is great, but the battery life is never what you need it to be. We’ve used almost every phone out there, and every single one struggles to keep charge all day, especially if you are taking pictures.

Remember that with thousands of people at the stadium, cell phones have lots of interference, and that means you get even worse battery life than usual. Don’t be the person crouching by the hot dog condiment station because it’s the only plug you could find. Carry an inexpensive USB battery backup to the game. It can sit in your pocket and usually have a full phone charge. It is a lifesaver!

Now that you’ve got some great selfies, pick the best one, run it through a filter if necessary and post it to all your accounts.