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Webcasts. Virtual Meetings. Remote Guest Speakers. Leadership Calls. Quarterly Financial Updates.

Two decades before the pandemic, Lime Crane was already perfecting the art of webcasting.

You may be new to the virtual workplace, but that doesn’t mean your remote meetings have to look like Hollywood Squares. Whether you’re hosting a regular financial report or a dynamic guest speaker Zoomed in from across the globe, Lime Crane makes virtual town halls simple, flexible, and flawless.

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Join With A Simple Link

Join with a Simple Link

An unlimited number of audience members can join your meetings with the simple click of a link.

Flexible For Every Platform

Flexible for Every Platform

Speakers and presenters join with their existing video conferencing platform (Teams/Zoom/Google Meet). No new software to learn.

Flawless Execution Every Time

Flawless Execution Every Time

Support for every stage of the process, from pre-show planning to Q&A moderation to post-show reports, so you can be confident of success.

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The Lime Crane Virtual Town Hall Solution

Lime Crane Town Hall

In this initial phase, our team of experts find out what we can do for you. You tell us about your speakers or presenters, your audience size, and the message you want to communicate to your audience, and we put together a proposal that will guarantee success.

Network Testing

Days or weeks before the event, we carefully check the load capacity of your network and perform several live stream tests to make sure nothing will interrupt your stream. We also ensure that your technology team is informed and involved every step of the way.

Webcast Direction

On the day of your event, Lime Crane directs the live webcast, combining the videoconference livestream from your remote presenters and speakers with slides and any pre-recorded videos. Your Lime Crane director and staff will make sure that everything looks and sounds perfect to any size audience, for any length webcast, to anywhere in the world.

Post-Production Polishing

On the day of your event, Lime Crane directs the live webcast, combining the videoconference livestream from your remote presenters and speakers with slides and any pre-recorded videos. Your Lime Crane director and staff will make sure that everything looks and sounds perfect to any size audience, for any length webcast, to anywhere in the world.

Before we make your event video live for later viewing, we make sure it looks even better than it did when you first saw it. We sweeten the sound and picture, tighten transitions, and generally refine and further perfect what you already liked about your successful event.

On-Demand Video Hosting
After your successful event, we render a video of it for on-demand viewing. We then host that video on your site or ours, allowing anyone that missed the webcast to catch up on their own time. We also provide detailed reports (including results for polls and surveys) to accurately track your ROI for live meetings
Webcam Training & Support
Once we know what you need, we immediately begin to get your speakers and presenters up to speed on best webcam and sound-quality practices. We know the sound and video specs for every laptop on the market, so no matter what you’re working with, we can make you sound and look great. Some of our advice will seem obvious (for example, “make sure the lights are bright enough”), others not so much. But we don’t want any potential overlooked detail keeping your leaders from looking their best.
Custom Video Player Construction
We don’t leave the audience’s experience up to chance. Microsoft Teams and WebEx severely limit the native options and customization of their event platforms, so we build you a custom microsite for your video player tailored to your specific needs and incorporating your branding and logos.
Interactive Audience Integration
Virtual events can feel especially non-interactive, impersonal, and dull, and no live event feels great unless the audience feels included in the action. On the other hand, without proper moderation, Q&A can become a PR disaster for you and your company. We collect and moderate audience questions and responses from all sources (online, texting, emails, conference lines, etc.) to get the audience fully engaged while keeping you and your presenters fully prepared. Our live-polling features and remote presenter technology make the online experience even better than in-person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I just run a Virtual Town Hall without Lime Crane?
We’re not saying you can’t! But if you’ve never done this before, you’re taking a significant risk. By the time you realize you should have hired us, you’ll have wished you already had. Lime Crane started webcasting back when streaming video took up a square on your screen the size of a postage stamp and had the quality of a pixelated thumbnail. We’ve been innovators from the outset of this technology, and our expertise at this point is unparalleled.

Further, we work with corporate communicators every day, making sure their events go off without a hitch, and they look like rock stars. We don’t just know the technology. We also know the business. If you’ve never had to webcast a town hall before, we can guide you through the virtual town hall production process, suggest best practices, and make others in your company wonder how you did it!


What if I need help filming pre-recorded video content for my Virtual Town Hall meeting?
With our help, your talent can make great pre-recorded videos remotely with nothing more than a laptop and a web browser. We use remote recording technology to capture interviews with excellent lighting, sound, and even a remote teleprompter! If you’re looking for an even more polished and professional production, we can come to you with all the equipment and expertise necessary.

Check out what we can do in Video Production.

Is there any difference between a webcast and an online meeting?

Though a webcast is a meeting that happens online, it’s not just any online meeting. Some of the major differences:

One-to-Many: Whereas in a meeting, a small group of people all discuss something together, in a webcast, a few pre-selected speakers present material to a large group of attenders.

Prepared Content: Whereas in most meetings, the conversation flows freely, so the content of the meeting comes together in real-time, a webcast usually delivers prepared content delivered by those most qualified to present it.

Trackable Interactions: Though most online meetings have a lot of interaction between participants, it can be difficult to record those interactions in clear and usable form. Through the use of polls, surveys, and Q&As, webcasts not only invite interaction from the audience, but easily record those interactions for later review.

With a Lime Crane webcast, our control room allows for even more control of your content and audience interaction. We have access to all the video streams coming in, and we only send content to the audience as it makes sense (just like a professional news broadcast). Further, we moderate the interactions coming in from the audience, so that your presenters are always fully prepared to look their best before they’re on camera.

Want to Know More? Download Our Complete Guide to Webcasting.