Worries surrounding the threat of COVID-19 have resulted in unplanned travel restrictions and cancelled the traditional quarterly town hall. It can be tempting to put a hold on corporate messaging because of these restrictions and employees working from home, but in times of uncertainty, having a strong and unified communication strategy from the top down is critical to ensure confidence and business continuity. A Virtual Town Hall is the answer.

At Lime Crane, we have been discussing and implementing solutions to these challenges with our clients. Companies want to be responsible and protect their workforce, so travel, town halls, and conferences have been called off. Thankfully for the communications team, there are multiple alternatives available to communicate virtually.

Communication is the one area that you don’t have to compromise when working from home.

When large portions, if not all of your team, are working from home, there is an increased need to communicate priorities through the organization. We think the absolute best way to keep everyone in the loop is to take the meeting online. A webcast (a web-broadcast) is a live streamed meeting that doesn’t have to have an in-person audience to communicate directly to all employees.

work from home with webcasts

The last thing your teammates want in a crisis is silence. A virtual town hall provides the immediacy of important messaging, the personable feel of a face-to-face meeting, and the interactive engagement from employees being free to ask questions in real time.

All technology will be controlled remotely. The full town hall experience happens live, just without the audience physically in the room. We stream the leader’s remarks along with any slides, video, or remote panelists.

Employees can watch the webcast from their home offices all while behind our password-protected video player.

Questions come in via the video player or texting, and the moderator will simply read them out live on the stream. For extra security, we embed the stream directly into your employee intranet. Lime Crane specializes in working with your network team to make sure the Live Stream is of great quality and fits your networking infrastructure.

The authenticity of a live webcast has so much more warmth and presence than the sterile, cold communication of an email chain. For example, consider a timely safety update that needs to be disseminated across your organization. Take this opportunity to skip the email and send a quick video update that is much more personable.

Employee engagement is much greater with video than any email.

Lime Crane can tailor a virtual meeting to match any of your events. Don’t make the mistake of letting logistical limitations stop you from communicating. This is a great opportunity to expand your communications strategy into new areas that work for you and your audience.

Lime Crane creates collaborative and engaging experiences for our clients and their audiences. Our team offers a rare mix of high-level expertise in Video Streaming Technology, Video Production, and client relations that you will not find anywhere else. 

We can help you stay in touch with your team during this time of restricted travel and gatherings. Call today to discover how a live webcast can work for your company while you are working from home.