How to Launch a Successful Internal Communications Strategy for the Year Ahead

2020 has been a wild year for most businesses, leaving internal communications managers scrambling and looking for alternative ways to communicate with their workforce. We don’t have a crystal ball that can predict what 2021 has in store, but we do know that working-from-home is definitely here to stay. Lime Crane has been taking internal communications virtual for the last 9 months, and we’d like to share some of our three keys to a successful internal comms strategy.

#1- Turn Your Team Meetings into Highly Engaging Virtual Events 

If you’re planning to host your 2021 company meetings using the same conferencing platform that you’ve used all year (i.e., Webex and Microsoft Teams), our advice is to try something completely different. Employees are BORED to death of tedious traditional video calls, annoying echos and alerting coworkers they’re still on mute- 

“Uhhh, we still can’t hear you Janice! Unmute yourself, please. It’s the button at the bottom of the…oh never mind!”.

We strongly advise that you don’t hit pause on your rich communications! Go BOLD and grab your employee’s attention in a big way this year by hosting a high-quality virtual event that looks and sounds like a professional television-broadcast. Your company will thank you! 

Receiving an event-specific link that directs employees to a website designed just for that event creates anticipation and curiosity. They will be blown away when your meeting is broadcast in glorious HD in a YouTube-style player, and has live polling, Q&A, and moderated panels reacting to your executive’s leadership. The best part? The entire company experiences the event together, no matter how large it is and where participants are located!

#2- Project Confidence With a TV Quality Webcast

When times are tough, your executive team wants to project calm and boost morale. A good comms professional knows that appearance is everything and hosting a Microsoft Teams meeting with spotty Wi-Fi and poor audio quality won’t leave the best impression.

Webcasting a virtual event with professionals (more on that later) means there are no awkward technical hiccups to worry about. Your executive’s home office will be transformed into a well-lit, flattering anchor’s desk you would expect to see on national television. The audience doesn’t stare at a group of distracting “Brady Bunch” squares when a broadcast-style switched feed sends just one video of whoever is presenting. This will ensure that your employees are more likely to absorb your message.

Every “webinar” platform out there has a capacity of just 500-1000 people, but webcasting your virtual town hall means that tens of thousands of people (or more!) will see your CEO speaking directly to them and answering their questions. Nobody has to worry about seeing the “latest version of Microsoft Teams not found” error. Get your audience out of Webex, leave the purple of Microsoft Teams behind, your employees deserve something upgraded!


#3- Save Yourself a Lot of Time and Frustration by Hiring a Professional

You didn’t go to broadcast journalism school. We didn’t get an internal communications degree. Everybody has their own skill set. Many of our clients have been saddled with learning a webinar system from the ground up while figuring out how to conduct seamless events using the technology. That can work just fine for smaller training sessions, but managing a virtual event for hundreds and even thousands of people can be a nightmare for someone without professional broadcast training and skills. 

Every virtual platform has its own set of quirks, special features, and terrible bugs. The audience size limits are frustrating, and when something goes wrong, your only option is to call the company’s tech support (good luck with that!). Try webcasting with Lime Crane. We know every quirk of every program. When you partner with us, you can offload the stress of managing the event to our team of broadcast professionals. 

Our technical professionals and television-trained operators take the responsibility off your plate and make your job much easier. We connect with your presenters before your meeting to make sure all of their technology is functioning as it should and use the magic of filmmaking to make them look fantastic. 

And yes. We handle sharing the slides.

Maybe your budget only allows for the highest profile meetings to have a dedicated production team. We get that. Let Lime Crane be your answer to your high profile events, and see how much the look and feel are upgraded. We bet you’ll call us back for more and more events in the future. If you would like to learn more about virtual events and high-quality broadcasts to large unlimited audiences, contact the live stream experts at Lime Crane.

About Lime Crane

Lime Crane creates collaborative and engaging experiences for our clients and their audiences. Our unique webcasting solution enables clients to stream live town halls and panel discussions with every employee in their entire organization — even while all speakers, staff, and production crews are working remotely. We integrate our webcasting technology with your existing video conference systems to overcome the limited capacities of Skype, Zoom, Webex and others.

If you would like to learn more about virtual events and high-quality broadcasts to large unlimited audiences, contact the live stream experts at Lime Crane. Our team offers a rare mix of high-level expertise in Video Streaming Technology, Video Production, and client relations that you will not find anywhere else.

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